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We are pleased to give you a little insight into the Opéra world.
You will be led through the conference and event rooms as well as Moet & Chandon, and of course the Hotel Opéra. Your guides will be Putzi Holenia, the famous host of the show and Alexander Lutz, the owner of the restaurant Gandl.

Under TOTAL, you will find the complete video, which lasts about 14 minutes. You also have the choice to only watch individual sections.

The film is part of the series, "Haferlgucker", a popular show with Putzi Holenia which was created on München-TV. The series is about popular and recommended Munich restaurants.

  • total

    The Haferlgucker


    Here you have the opportunity to see the full-length broadcast of the program "Haferlgucker with Putzi Holenia, guests at the restaurant Gandl"...
    Just see for yourself.
    Duration 14:30 min

    Watch the total video
  • Opéra

    The boutique hotel with charm


    Here you will find a brief tour of the Hotel Opéra with a view of the garden, the lobby and a small tour through some rooms ...
    Just see for yourself
    Duration: 03:30 min

    watch the video Hotel Opéra
  • Moet & Chandon Club

    Your event location


    Here you will find the conference and meeting rooms with a special atmosphere - the former state rooms of the champagne house Moet & Chandon. The rooms are now available for your event ...
    Just see for yourself.
    Duration: 02:00 min

    Watch the video Moet
  • Restaurant GANDL

    Here is something for everyone ..

    Restaurant Gandl - Küchenchef Laurent Muylaert

    Middays: light & Italien.
    Evenings: Classical & French
    In the beautiful colonial style restaurant with a fireplace, experience fine dining with the most delicious flavours ...
    Just see for yourself.
    Duration: 04:19 min

    Watch the video Restaurant Gandl


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