History, Reconstruction Measures - Hotel Opéra

The Opéra and its history

Coming through the archway of the Bavarian government
after a long shopping spree,
one has the feeling of suddenly arriving in a village
the "St. Anna Old Town", the coveted Lehel,
with its lovely and idyllic St. Anna square,
small shops and the popular restaurant "Gandl".
Munich has a life of its own!

Entering the Opéra which, like Venice, is built on water,
you can feel the stress of the city fall from your shoulders.
In its beautiful Renaissance courtyard, one can hear
the soft rustling of the Eisbach river and
the chirping of the birds while enjoying breakfast.
Happy festivities, such as weddings, birthdays, christenings and other
occasions are perfectly suited to these surroundings.

Reconstruction Measures

Through more careful renovation measures and constantly new trends, the hotel combines traditional elegance and modern inspiration in the most wonderful way. To date, the Opéra has had the pleasure of welcoming many well-known personalities from the world of opera, theatre and film as well as the politics and the media. Many of them have been loyal customers for years, for whom our house is a beautiful city oasis to relax in.


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Munich Opera Festival

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The Hotel Opera is a perfect starting point for your Opera experience. Stroll to the nearby Opera House on the beautiful Maximilianstreet to the evening performance.
Visit the Munich Opera Festival!