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The Opéra and its history

The history of the house is closely associated with the family Lutz and Berger and the Eisbach river, which mostly flows underground through Munich's old town and Lehel. The Eisbach might have initially had a more practical purpose for the house, but these days it secretly adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean courtyard oasis of our hotel. Since 1968 many hours of work have transformed the ordinary apartment building of the Munich suburbs into a wonderful gem. Ernestine Lutz, together with her son Alexander and partner Rudolf Berger gradually transformed the house bit by bit, under the benevolent eyes of their guests, into a little jewel.

Entering the Opéra which, like Venice, is built on water, you can feel the stress of the city fall from your shoulders.In its beautiful Renaissance courtyard, one can hear the soft rustling of the Eisbach river and the chirping of the birds while enjoying breakfast. Happy festivities, such as
weddings, birthdays, christenings and other occasions are perfectly suited to these surroundings.


It was the oldest building that fascinated Ernestine Lutz as she entered it for the first time. A fateful hour for Ernestine Lutz and the house. There were 48 prospective buyers. But nobody wanted to have the old house. It had suffered greatly during and after the war - but for Ernestine Lutz it was love at first sight. They saw the potential and the great location of the house. Ms. Lutz made it her mission to make a small but fine hotel in the old house. Since it is located just a few minutes from the Opera, the name "Opéra" was a real challenge.


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The Hotel Opera is a perfect starting point for your Opera experience. Stroll to the nearby Opera House on the beautiful Maximilianstreet to the evening performance.
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