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LEHEL Bar * Food * Club

The LEHEL is often referred to as the chameleon of the Munich bar scene. Because of its new location along the Old Town walls- just 100 meters from Hotel Opéra - it transforms daily from an uncomplicated place to have lunch with an Open Kitchen into a stylish café, and then on to an ambitious restaurant to a trendy bar with a club feeling. The new catering concept of LEHEL will surprise you!

Enjoy the wonderful dishes of Chef Ferdinand Strohm and his crew. The evening turns from a classic restaurant into a modern bar feeling. Maximilian Winkel and Florian Lang are responsible for the high quality cocktails. Many of their own creations adorn the bar menu along with the classics. Thursday to Saturday from 11 p.m. onwards, a variety of DJ's provide just the right sound.


Bar * Food * Club
Karl-Scharnagl Ring 6
80538 München

t. +49.(0)89. 2 11 11 760
f. +49.(0)89. 2 11 11 761

Opening hours:
11.00 a.m. bis 2.00 a.m.
Fr & Sa
11.00 a.m. bis 3.00 a.m.

Bar & Partytime

10:00 p.m. in LEHEL BAR * FOOD * CLUB: after the dinner our bartenders Maximilian and Florian step forward, and from then on the bar is the centre of the action. Their cocktails and especially their own outstanding creations - the highly recommended: Gil Scott-Heron's Lemonade - give the LEHEL guests a very special taste experience in terms of enjoying drinks &amp cocktails.

Over 40 different gins form the basis for an outstanding competence behind the bar.

Shortly after eleven it gets more colorful, at least in terms of the mood lighting and the music. Because from Thursdays to Saturdays, the LEHEL changes its character at midnight. With the flick of a handle, the seat tables are converted into high tables, and the experienced disc jockeys provide a sophisticated soundtrack that puts the guests in the typical LEHEL mood, getting in the groove and quite often dancing.

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